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The Futura Collection

FUTURA is the debut collection created by Designer Nicole Romano for the Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship Program supporting arts education. (

Nicole designed the FUTURA medallion after spending a year studying Anthony Quinn’s private collection of paintings, sculptures, metal works and ink drawings. This piece captures the geometric fluidity and the focused movement of Mr. Quinn’s art. The handcrafted collection expands into necklaces, earrings, bracelets and cufflinks all reflecting back to the original artistic vision. The FUTURA designs honor the inspiration that fueled the many creative facets of Anthony Quinn. A portion of the proceeds will support the legacy of his Foundation.

“Charity is an essential component of my efforts to support the surrounding community. This collaboration is a perfect example of how intermixing design and charity can make a difference in the world. “ –Designer Nicole Romano

“It’s such an honor working with someone as talented as Nicole, who is living proof of how one person’s creativity can have an impact on so many lives.  Anthony would have been so thrilled to know that his work inspired this collection that will help support the young artists of the future.” – Founder and President, Katherine Quinn

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